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Around the world laughing out loud – Digital Nomads

One of our latest projects is the blog www.aroundtheworld.lol . As we became digital nomads a new website was evident. We wanted to travel the world to look for a way to live, away from the stress of our country. The economy is going down, banks are about to collapse. The banks have betrayed our trust and the damage is enormous. I think the banking system is beyond repair. You can tax the hell out of the people until all are deprived of anything they own, get everybody in huge debt slavery and still the system will crumble. Personally I think the system is made for that purpose… but time will tell.

Around the world Royal Enfield India

Around the world with a Royal Enfield in India

Website and SEO

So out of the stress into a new adventure. There were a few options to make money on the way around the world. I have a small SEO project going. I started making websites for myself and trying to get up in Google and other search engines. Now I am  supporting a few companies. This I can keep doing while traveling or when we are settled anywhere in the world. We design websites for small businesses. In the Netherlands we contacted some friends to see if we could send items to the Netherlands for their shops. This way the route to the consumer gets shorter. We are going to send directly from the factory in India and Nepal. And last but not least we took camera’s and editing equipment to make movies. If not for money, we might get a free stay at the hotels and guesthouses.







ShanTVision Webdesign, Video, SEO Search Engine Optimisation The Netherlands Holland

ShanTVision Webdesign, Video, SEO Search Engine Optimisation The Netherlands Holland


We made a few movies and websites so far. Around the World Laughing out Loud is a great brand. So we gave small guesthouses the opportunity to get a subdomain with us. Happy Home and Luciano Guesthouse are some examples of low budget websites. The promo for Luciano Guesthouse became a nice impression of Goa’s Arambol…


We have our own banner exchange. We do not support any Multinationals. All the ads are for friends and our partners who have some moral compass.  So on all our projects you will see the advertisements of our projects going by. When you become a partner in our network, we will help you getting more traffic to your website. Your succes is our succes!

We are Digital Nomads

It is quit a big change for us to leave the ‘safety’ of our country, but I guess this is what economical crises do. We need to go and look for other options. We have a choice to become world citizens or stay debt-slaves of the banks. Well, here we are. At this moment I am writing this in Bhaktapur, a city in Nepal where the earthquake ruined big parts of the country. It is tropical hot but the country is beautiful. We have problems with the internet. Not everywhere the internet is reliable to say the least. In Sri Lanka the guesthouses have simple packages. We managed to use 17 Gigabite bandwidth in one day! Isn’t possible, but after that day for the rest of the month no more internet… We had to leave. In India the internet is better but electricity drops out.

Sometimes we had to wait hours to get internet again. Speed depends on the location and how many people in the guesthouse are using it. When only one is watching a youtube clip, we could close down our laptops… We have 3G on an Indian Vodafone sim which is working fine in most area’s. In Arambol we had no connection whatsoever. It’s an adventure to find places where we can work. Goa has been the most pleasant one… We love to be Digital Nomads!

SEO Search Engine Optimisation The Netherlands Holland ShanTVision

SEO Search Engine Optimisation The Netherlands Holland ShanTVision


If you are interested in our SEO support and you would like to be part of our network, please feel free to  contact us for more information !


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